Engagement: Anna & John

Yup…it’s been three months since I left Togo…and as such, three months since my last post (my bad ).

Shortly after I got back from my trip, I met up with Anna and John for engagement photos.  Their wedding is actually TOMORROW…so I wanted to get these photos up before then.  I’m BEYOND excited for their wedding…Anna used to be a ‘youth grouper’ when I was a leader but I’d just call her a friend at this point.  She’s honestly wonderful!  She has a very gentle spirit but also a great sense of humour.  She worked in Rwanda a few years back and then a group of us were together in Uganda for a bit of time…I just really admire her and I’m so excited to be a part of her and John’s day tomorrow!

And as a side note, I enjoyed taking these photos so much!  Anna and John just let me ‘do my thing’…they were so trusting which makes my job that much more enjoyable…and the weather was pretty incredible! I love myself a little lens flare… LOVE…

Anyhow, enough writing….Enjoy!
See you tomorrow Anna and John!  Looking forward to it!