I am inspired by many things!  Scripture always inspires me.  Friends inspire me.  Art and artists inspire me (this seems obvious).  I am always inspired through travelling…seeing how others do life differently than me.  God has created his children as artistic individuals and it is wonderful to see others using and perfecting the gifts they’ve been given!

Throughout the past few years, I have been inspired by a number of awesome photographers….a few I have met and the others I anticipate (maybe) meeting one day.  Photographic styles are so individual and unique and I am persistently learning and growing through viewing others’ work…

That said, here’s a quick handful of some photographers that I am inspired by:

Max Wanger –

Sarah Rhoads –

Bobbi & Mike –

The Image is Found –

Jamie Delaine –

Bobby Earle –

Our Labor of Love –

Amy Wenzel –

Rebecca Sehn –

Amelia Lyon –

Gabriel Ryan –

Ella Haus –

Elle&R –

Enjoy! 🙂


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