I’ve officially hit the halfway mark on the ship!  Wow.  And I’m sure the next half will speed past me!

I just finished a set of 5 evening shifts…I actually didn’t think it’d be as busy as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I feel in a bit of a haze truthfully.  I was taking care of a young lady for the first three shifts who isn’t doing well really.  I truthfully feel she’s on the last of her days/months.  I don’t know how often patients like this find themselves on the ship…I’m assuming not often, but I’ve had the chance to care for her a bit.  I give ‘palliative’ nurses a huge shout out, cause it’s both demanding and rewarding work…

And for the last couple shifts, I’ve been able to work with the VVF-ers.  Honestly.  It’s been a blessing the last couple days.  History taking went well last week…SO great to hear their stories….these women are wonderful and strong and make so many other ladies look like severe wimps (myself included)  I had a particular moment with one of my patients yesterday that I’m positive I’ll remember for the rest of my life…I’ll have to share it in person though…I just won’t do it justice here…

Anyhow, here’s more photos…Some that I took at the Hope Center (it’s basically a hotel for pre and post op patients…lots of VVF ladies waiting for their surgeries there)  I also included a few from the ship photographer…his work is amazing…

Here’s some from the Hope Center…

And the patterns and fabrics below?  A common sight in Togo…just sayin’…

And a few VVF ladies awaiting surgery below…my little white face poking up amidst them all…

The boy below is named Ali…I had him a few times as a patient..he’s been discharged now though…he’s a little sweet and a little spicy…Love it!

And here’s a couple from the ship photographer!  And really the only two photos I have of myself on the ship right now..

The boy below is Komla…he’s still on the ship…and he’s pretty hilarious…

And the only two pictures I have of myself on the ship…a little camera shy I suppose…

There you go!  4 weeks left…woohoo!


3 thoughts on “Rewards.

  1. Great photos Cheryl! I can’t wait to hear these stories in person. Record them as a Voice memo while they are still fresh so you won’t forget the details. 😉

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