My desire in starting a small photography business was for one purpose (and this purpose still remains in the back of my mind ALL the time)…..that purpose was to be able to give back in some way to those in need.

My journey with a camera started in ’06 in Uganda, Africa.  Since then, I have had the privilege of being able to visit a few more countries and have seen a lot of people in need financially, physically and spiritually (amongst so many other areas).  And for the most part, all of the income that I’ve received through photographing people has been put in a separate account for the purpose of either a) Giving it away OR b) Saving up so I can afford more trips to visit people in need overseas.

We are very privileged in North America…..and I say that with the knowledge that I don’t even understand the true nature of our privilege.  I’ve seen people overseas with literally NO freedom to choose a path for themselves…..whereas, for the most part, we can really choose a lot of different paths for ourselves in North America….

I’m thankful for the privileges in my life and hope that I can use the ‘privilege’ of photography (and love for it) for good 😉  I’m trying to figure out and pray for this mini business and hope that God may direct my path with regards to this.

And in the meantime, here are a handful of organizations that you may wander through and maybe ‘give’ to if you feel the prompting 😉

Mercy Ships –

Child of Mine –

Thirst Relief International –

Samaritan’s Purse –

Compassion Canada –

Charity Water –

Amazima Ministries –

Ekisa Ministries International –

I will add more here as they come to mind 😉


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