Newborn Portraits: The Sanghera’s

Meet the Sanghera kids….cutest little baby and her older brother, who was a little shy at first, but it all worked out in the end!

All these photos were taken in the family’s “family” room…..worked out fine though…


And here’s one of big brother…

Family Portraits: The Voth’s


These photos are from QUITE a while ago….

This is at the Voth family. And did I mention that they’re famous. I work at Peace Arch hospital and Vienna (the Voth’s older girl) was the poster child for our ‘oh baby campaign’….we got funded for renovations to the maternity unit all because of this cute little face!

Anyhow! I got together with the Voth’s to do some family photos….there’s a new little one in the picture now too!