Heading home!!

I head home tonight.

The next few hours will include visiting patients, finishing up with packing, getting some signatures in order to ‘disembark’ the ship, closing my account on ship, and then heading off ship to visit some more patients and hopefully get a little sun and a few hours to myself before I fly.

Sorry for the lack of writing in the past few weeks.  They’ve been both busy and weird as I’ve been living here and semi-preparing for home in the meantime.  I’ve really enjoyed working with the VVF ladies the past few weeks and we’ve also had a few ‘eye’ patients which has been neat to see.  Little 3 yr old’s and 7 yr old’s that come in with cataracts or crossed eyes and they head out the next day all fixed up!  (It’s also neat to see what happens when we give them this dose of midazolam pre-surgery….they get all giggly and sleepy and such…pure hilarity)

On another note, it’s been awesome to see some of the VVF ladies all healed up…their lives are changed…but there are definitely some who are not healed given our best efforts. Prayers for them would be appreciated as they will be heading home…surgeries are finished within the next few weeks…

Anyhow, my time is coming to a close.  I will see all of you when I’m home!  Here’s a couple last photos.  The first is from one of our “dress ceremonies”….which we have for the women when they are all healed up.  The second is of this sweet little cleft palate/lip patient that I was hanging out with at the Hope Centre.

See you all soon!!!