Oh buoy!

Bahaha!  Cheesy title…

I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying…I’ve already been a week on the ship!  It’s a bit surreal being here.  After years of looking at photos and thinking about coming and now seeing these thoughts come to fruition…I’m finally here! Totally nuts.

The first week has been both good and hard.  I’m being taught lessons in this first week that I wasn’t expecting (both spiritually and ‘intellectually’).  I’ve mentioned it to a few, but I’m working on the ‘plastics’ unit right now.  Lots of burns and grafts and weird facial tumours that you’d likely never see anywhere but in the third world.  The ward is basically two huge rooms that are joined at the front…ten beds in each (so twenty beds total).  It’s borderline hilarity cause it’s like a huge family (I truthfully wouldn’t expect anything different in Africa). The beds are close together but you also have family members and caregivers sleeping UNDER those beds.  And if that doesn’t seem busy enough, here’s a story: A couple days ago a few of the day workers (they’re from Togo and the surrounding area and help out with translating and MANY other things) picked up a guitar and a drum and started playing out a beat and rapping different patients names.  WELL…the children (with dressings around their little heads and everything) just started dancing around.  I even caught a lady breastfeeding and dancing at the same time.  Middle aged men: Dancing.  Sick young boys: Dancing.  And truthfully, I don’t think there was one face in that ward without a smile on it…it was pure smiles for a solid thirty minutes or so…twenty beds and all…

Absolutely awesome…

Anyhow, there are a couple other initial things I’ve seen:

1)   The ship definitely sways…it’s doesn’t make me sick in any way and you don’t realize it until you sit in one place and look out a window…but the swaying is definitely there…a reminder of where I am.

2)   Togo is nothing like Uganda.  Different language, not as much ‘greenery’, no red dirt and quite a bit more humid (the second I step out the doors of the ship I look like Monica from Friends in the heat)…and when you’re in town, it looks like buckets of sand were dumped all over the city…it’s pretty awesome..

Anyhow, that’s it for now!  Thanks so much for your prayers and support during this ‘transition’ time.  When I have those encouraging moments over here I always wonder if someone is praying for me at that very moment…so thank you!

And I’ll post photos with the next post….just fyi.

2 thoughts on “Oh buoy!

  1. Hi Cheryl! What a great post, you have such a fantastic way of writing so it feels like I have heard you speak each and every sentence to me. Praying for you LOTS and so thankful that God has called YOU to be His hands and feet through surgeries and swaying boats, I would be passed out or nauseous all of the time. Love you so much!

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