Hello from Uganda!

Given that I don’t really have another place to write updates on my present trip…..I’m officially hijacking my photography blog for such purposes…tisk tisk!  I’ll try and post lots of photos to make up for it.

If you’ve followed the ‘blog,’ I’ve been to Uganda several times before and will be here for the next two-ish weeks….but my main reason for coming back to Africa is to work for an organization called Mercy ships.  I start mid-march and will be working in Togo, Africa. Crazy!

Anyhow, I arrived in Uganda late last night and conveniently found a couple others at my backpackers hostel that were making their way up to Jinja today…so I smashed myself into a couple of public transit buses with them and I now sit at a restaurant in Jinja awaiting a good friend of mine to come and find me.  I just re-registered my Ugandan phone and “apparently” it won’t be up and running for another couple hours or so (or so I’m told).  Fingers crossed…..

That said, I plan on staying in Jinja for the next week or so, visiting another friend that is close to here at some point this week and then hope to spend a week and a bit in Kampala/Mpigi visiting more friends.  My heart honestly feels so full that I’ll be able to be back in Uganda for visits…..oh my!  Can’t wait…

Anyhow, that’s it for now.  Mostly wanted to write and say that I’m safe and happy and excited about the next few weeks!  It’s so, SO good to be back here right now…so good!


3 thoughts on “Hello from Uganda!

  1. Love ya Cheryl!!..Will be in touch and glad you are safely there..so good to hear from you!!xo..say Hi to Stacy for me..

  2. Thanks for posting! Looking forward to more posts and photos, but I know how slow the internet can be over there. We’re praying for you. – J

  3. Auntie Cheryl 🙂 So glad you are safe and sound….please stay safe and sound! I can’t wait to hear of all your adventures 🙂 Love you a whole freakin’ lot!!!

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